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Dimensional Calibration Services


We provide standard dimensional calibration services. The best results are obtainable when the hand gages used during inspection and test activities are calibrated on a regular schedule. Hand gages are prone to wear which can compromise the measurement results. An error in hand gage measurements can lead to multiple issues that can setback a project. This situation can be avoided by using a certified calibration service.


We offer an array of dimensional calibration services from hand gages to video measuring systems.


Onsite Dimensional Calibration


Depending on your project, we can bring our equipment to your site. Our onsite dimensional calibration services are reliable and efficient. We will work quickly to ensure that your hand tools are in good working order and that they are giving you accurate results.



Carrying out measurements to attain the best results should be the goal on all projects, and we can help your team remain productive while utilizing the different kinds of dimensional gaging tools.


Personalized Calibration Services


We offer consultation services that can provide useful guidance for our clients. Do you have specific standards or measurements for your projects? We offer flexible calibration services that will meet your requirements. Consult with one of our team members today.


Request a Quote


We will provide a timely quote. All you need to do is forward us information pertaining to the type of calibrations you require, and we will reply to you promptly. If we have any questions regarding your request you will be contacted promptly. This can be completed by clicking on the Get a Quote Button above.


Calipers, micrometers, rulers, tape measures, ring gages, ball gages, pin gages, plug gages, go/nogo gages, thread plug gages, gage blocks, thread wires, bore gages, digital/dial indicators, protractors, height gages, laser micrometers, optical comparators, reticles, snap gages, tool scope, video measurement systems, custom measurement fixtures

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