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Electronic Calibration Services


The use of electronic measurement instruments ensures that equipment set up, testing, etc has been done properly and that the correct readings are obtained during use. Technicians and engineers rely on the accuracy of these electronic measuring instruments to achieve accurate results for their testing. To ensure that your instruments have not drifted out of their assigned specifications send them into us for periodic calibration.


Benefits of Periodic Electronic Calibration


Product Safety


When the incorrect readings are used in the production of goods meant for public use, there is a possibility of endangering the end user. By properly calibrating the electronic instruments, the correct readings will be used during the manufacturing process.


Increase the Lifespan of Equipment


Your electronic equipment is used regularly for important measurements. You can rely on your electronic measuring instruments for years to come by carefully maintaining them through routine electronic calibration.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses


Isn’t it more cost effective to schedule routine electronic calibration service then to spend extra money trying to correct the faults that result due to a substantial error in measurement readings?


Performing Electronic Calibrations


SiteCal uses the Fluke model 5522A Multi-product calibrator using the METCAL/MET TEAM software as well as other well know measurement standards to provide accurate calibration results for your electronic equipment.


You can rely on our experienced technicians for the best service. Call or email us today.


Calibrators, multimeters up to 6 1/2 digits, clamp meters, DC power supplies, digital indicators, encoders, high voltage probes, voltage meters, current meters, strobescopes, tachometers, timers, digital thermometers, leakage testers. Just to name a few.

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