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Physical Calibration Services


Whether it is within the incoming inspection process, on the production line or at final release, the use of measuring instruments in the workplace enables personnel to professionally and accurately ensure the quality of the product or service. This is possible when using an experienced calibration service provider to maintain your instrumentation/equipment.

We offer physical calibration services in our accredited laboratory. Using our calibration laboratory is also very convenient. We can safely move your instruments from your site to our calibration lab without any fear of damage or compromise. Your instruments will be returned to your site once they have been completed. Moreover, we can work at your facility to calibrate and manage your instruments. Over the years, we have built an experienced team of technicians that can offer exemplary calibration service onsite. We have the tools and transportation to move our team to your site where they will carry out their assigned duties.

Let us show how our years of experience will help you in maintaining your measurement equipment program.

Reduce Measurement Errors


Being uncertain about your measurements can cause prolonged delays during your projects. You can avoid these delays by ensuring that your instruments have been properly calibrated by a team of experienced technicians who offer reliable service. When SiteCal handles the calibration of your measurement instruments, you have an assurance that the data reported on the certificate of calibration is supported by a proven quality system.


Quality Assurance 


We operate an accredited calibration lab equipped with the best calibration tools needed to do the job. With our help, you can maintain a high level of quality control in your workplace by ensuring that all measurements are accurate according to the standards you require.


Physical Calibration Services


Our services can be used for the calibration of a wide range of gauges.


Call us today, for an onsite calibration service of your instruments.


​Balances and scales, barometers, data loggers, dewpoint indicator/transmitters, pressure gauges/transducers (dial, digital, magnehelic), force gauges, glass tube rotameters, gas analyzers/monitors(CO2, O2), humidity meters, load cells, manometers, pipettes/dispensers, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), test stands, thermocouples, torque (screwdrivers, sensors, transducers, watches, wrenches), vacuum gauges/transducers,

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