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Calibration Service Laboratory – Providing High Vacuum Calibration Services



Vacuum is used in many industrial applications such as automotive, nautical, research and development, and manufacturing. It may be used to keep materials moving through a system, to keep a work area clean of pollutants, or in the case of Lyophilization, to ensure the consistency of the product through the manufacturing process. Gauges such as Capacitance Manometers and Pirani Gauges, are an important component to ensure the proper function and safety of the system and equipment. Keeping these gauges accurately calibrated is vital for your process quality objectives as well as your production schedules.


Do you desire a more convenient method for calibrating your vacuum gauges on-site at your facility?


Instead of sending your capacitance manometers and Pirani Gauges out for calibration, have our SiteCal technicians travel to your facility and perform service on them?

SiteCal has the capability to perform FULL LOOP high vacuum calibration services, on-site at your facility.

Benefits of on-site calibration of capacitance manometers and Pirani Gauges.

    -  Creating less down time for your equipment/systems.

    -  No need for duplicating gauges

    -  Re-zeroing to your specific location.

    -  Better assurance that the gauges are going to hold calibration.

    -  Vacuum Range of 0.002 Torr to 10 Torr with accuracy of 0.025% of Reading.

    -  Calibration procedures based on manufacturer recommended practices and industry standards.

If you would rather send your gauges into our lab for calibration, remember that when you receive the gauges back and install them, the gauges should be re-zeroed to your facility’s physical location. With SiteCal on-site service we will calibrate the gauge and also perform a re-zero for your physical location.


The SiteCal Team believes that the key to meeting customer expectations, is to not just meet them, but to exceed them in the most helpful ways. Our staff of professionals alway try to give our customers more than they expect to get.


Our turn around times for calibration service is one of the best in the industry. Emergency service, No Problem! We know how important your equipment is to your business operations. Try us out, you won’t be disappointed.


Many industries are required to use an accredited calibration service to meet their industry standards for excellence. SiteCal is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory.


SiteCal offers the best in services for calibration and validation at very affordable prices. Give us an opportunity to show you how to save cost on your calibration and validation service needs. Call or email us today for a quote.


SiteCal provides accredited calibration services for Minnesota and the surrounding Upper Midwest. Our technicians go through a stringent training period to assure proper calibration of your equipment.


SiteCal provides Electronic, Dimensional, Physical and Laboratory equipment calibration using industry recognized calibration standards and equipment to provide service for today’s industries either on-site or offsite in our labs.


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